Privacy policy

The respect of your privacy is important to us. So that, we prepare a privacy policy that describes, how we use and save your data. Please read our regulations of privacy policy carefully and let us know about any questions.

Collection and use of personal data information

The personal data information is understood as data that can be used to identify a relevant person or to communicate with this person. You may be requested to provide your personal information whenever you contact us.
Some examples of the types of the personal data information that we can collect are below, together with a method how we can use this information.

What personal data information do we collect:

How do we use your personal data information?

Disclosing the information to third persons

Protection of personal data information

We take all necessary precautions, including the administrative, technical and physical, to protect your personal data information against the loss, theft, and unfair use, as well as against an unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or its destruction.

Compliance with the privacy policy in our company

To ensure that your personal information is safe, we bring our privacy and security standards to our employees, and strictly observe the implementation of confidentiality measures.


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